Update Unrecognized Zip Code. We find the larger capacity batteries create excessive heat. Samurai comes with 2 batteries that securely attach to the unit, but uses only one at a time. I just used it on a broadcast project – I recorded in AVID codec and fedexed the drive to the edit overseas and it all went well. Ninja Series Ninja V.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Automatic and manual switchover of battery for continuous operation. I called Atomos and they explained the situation. It is simple and easy to use, and it gives you the best quality video files that the camera is capable of recording. I was impressed with the performance and the cost effectiveness of the units and the drives that you can pick up anywhere. The latest update made newly formated hard drives not respond to firewire transfer to our on-site server quality Win 7 production PC’s.

Join the Atomos Community. We now ensure to set the Samurai’s to free run recording mode when using the switcher to avoid this issue. From the core, every feature has been designed with professionals in mind focussing on improving the performance and capability of samuai camera.

Atomos Samurai

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Out on the production site they are finicky at times.


G Lastly, these buggers have had some strange hard drive and transfer chassi afomos to firm ware updates. It would be nice to have it on the bottom side instead so the unit could set upright on a table. Samurai Blade Firmware V5.

I can use this on any camera and have one codec. With the patent pending hot smurai dual battery system you will never be out of action. I just used it on a broadcast project – I recorded in AVID codec and fedexed the drive to the edit overseas and it all went well.

I can;t say enough about the size, and quality of this solution, highly recommend.

Firmware/Product Manuals

Very sturdy and works as advertised. Rated 5 out of 5 by Joel from Great recorder!

The ingest process of affordable HDD’s into a atimos station for my Mac is so fast. Could use a sun hood and a screen lock.

Shogun – Atomos

When using the Samurai as a hard disc master recorder from your switcher, beware. Samurai Blade Product Brochure Download. Very cool addition to my camera bag. It is small and light enough to be incorporated into a handheld rig, which is great.

Recommended Drives Visit online. Some of the advantages the Samurai has over the Ninja unit are timecode, genlock, and the ability to synchronize multiple units. This way if one battery runs out, Samurai continues to operate on the other battery.


Here is what my crew and I note It’s very easy and intuitive to set up and use much easier than the SD I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality and general robustness. However the best part of this product is the monitoring feature of Focus peaking and Zebra plus false colour, I can set up my shots in quick time an due confident they are right. I was not able to review files in the field as the unit would crash on playback.

Along with capturing video, the Samurai supports 12 channels of embedded SDI audio and also has 2 channel line in inputs as well as a single headphone output. Primary-secondary battery system Change batteries without losing power Loop batteries continuously.

My unit was affected and didn’t work at all it powered on but the video signal was wacky and you could tell clearly there was something very wrong. On the go or in the edit suite Instantly review footage on the Blade on location or in the edit suite.