This is a great club. I like the club. Last week I made a par on a tough yard par four using the 2 Iron wood. I am a 26 handicap,55 yrs old. I am considering buying a 5 Iron wood to replace my 5 iron. When ordering have them made to the proper lenght, lie and shaft flex, in other words know what you need before ordering. I ‘m 6 feet tall.

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I wouldn’t part with it. I’d like to get another wdge with less loft to replace my 5 wood. We are in our late 60s.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 12 reviews –

Skip to main content. Last week I made a par on a tough yard par four using the 2 Iron wood.

The few that I have hit have come out well. You may also like. Thinner and denser than the cast walls, the forged steel crown provides a lower center of gravity and enhances rebound off the face.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood Hybrid, Utility Club Golf Club

I have the 1, 2 and 3 ironwoods. Received club and it was clean, well protected and wrapped during shipment and I got it fast.


If you have trouble hitting conventional fairway woods or even most hybrid woods, the consider this club. It is ridiculously easy to use and I was able to hit it well from the very first swing. Featuring a super heavy sole, bazokoa Tour Edge golf club lowers the center of gravity, thereby providing both stability through the shot and assistance in giving the golfers a higher flight pattern. I have so much confidence in this club that I’m using it to tee off with more and more. Skip to main content.

I would suggest for older golfers to use the 3 to 7 iron-woods.

Tour Edge Bazooka JMax QL Irons

I use the 1 and 2 ironwoods of the tee in windy conditions with excellent results. I had purchased a Tour Edge set with a 4 and a 3 iron wood. Additional Product Features Head Material. You don’t have to swing very hard for it to be effective. I love the club and use it jnax when playing.

Ladies standard lengths are -1″ from men’s standard. I’m very happy with how this club performs.


So I use a shorter back swing with it,; also it makes me maintain my spine angle better. It is very useful. For me, jjax club is very strait and I can hit it high from any lie. My normal 6 iron is from to yds. The 21 degree 3 ironwood gives great height and a distance equivalent to my old 4 wood. Crown-pull casting technology allows additional weight to be added to the jmad for higher flying shots. Available in men’s and women’s right and left hand. This is an unexpected benefit.

Tour Edge Iron Wood 2 is a winner!

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Do you think she loves these clubs? More items related to this product. These clubs are durable with a good appearance, which is important to golfers. Tkur previously had purchased a similar club and had shared its use with another golfer, with whom I play.