Mon Feb 08, 2: The m button will toggle mute for the devices that support it and space bar will toggle capture status for settings that support that be sure to enable this, or the microphone will not work. My HE is disappointingly loud when the fan is working hard, which it does when the CPU hits a certain temperature I think it’s 40C from memory. Make sure that i-mic internal mic is selected as the input source. Problem with no sound on eee PC running linux-image All specifications are subject to change without notice. I use eeectl to set fan speed and temperature thresholds.

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Workaround KMix and other mixers for your desktop. Check eBay for your brand model of computer. MicBoost like the stock driver has.

Sat Dec 29, 9: Mon Feb 08, 2: It’s a shame, because the S which I had previously used at work didn’t have this issue. You can press left arrow key or right arrow key to move from mixer to mixer and up arrow and down arrow key to change volumes.

I think the default fan profiles, as usual, are too conservative. That file also recommends using ‘make install-modules’ rather than ‘make install’, assuming that the Debian alsa-utils and alsa-base packages are already installed.


Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

A good manual about how to update: On my system i saw no matchings: Workaround On my EeePC [? Then load the newly installed modules by hand the commands were tested on EeePC I wonder whether removing the hard disk drive might allow the CPU to stay cooler.

Please refer 1000je pages for full details. The Eee PC utilizes Infusion Technology, which is a cutting edge manufacturing process that produces uniquely-designed laptop surfaces. I am not certain it is actually coming from the fan, could be the hard drive or maybe some other coil whine from somewhere.

Sound problem on asus eeepc h it is too low

The contols of the stock driver looks like this in alsamixer: That should give a good basis for playing around with your own settings till you get it perfect. Testing your updated driver After updating the alsa driver, you need to reboot or, alternatively you exit all audio applications including any mixer application and unload the old kernel modules.

Greg Zeng, Australian Capital Territory. Some out there are taking them apart and lubing the bearings but I hate to chance it.


Asus Eee PC HE Specs – CNET

R in Germany] built-in microphone With Linux 2. It is provided by the alsa-utils package. Problem with no sound on eee PC running linux-image Exquisitely Designed for Stylish Computing On-the-go The Eee PC utilizes Infusion Technology, which is aound cutting edge manufacturing process that produces uniquely-designed laptop surfaces.

Press up and down arrow to select input device. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site.

Enjoy All-day Computing with Eee PC™ 1000HE

TimoZimmermann] After installing eeepc-acpi-scripts 1. Some small computers e.

For more details on what this file is and what to do with it see http: I have loaded up eeectl with a custom fan profile that makes it much quieter but the fan is awful on this thing. Arrow over to the i-mic mixer settings. Mon Feb 08, Thu Apr 23, 1: