The Lenovo E China only. Haier unveils the S60 with a Upek fingerprint sensor. Compal H GL with a sweep Authentec fingerprint sensor. Toshiba unveils the Satellite J61 with a Upek swipe sensor. Electrovaya SC Mar:

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The T61p is released. Gigabyte announces the WN with an optional “built-in identification fingerprint”, likely Upek. Gateway Acer June: Asus F2J notebook containing the Authentec fingerprint slide sensor.

The Haier VM is the same.

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The Aspire has an Authentec fingerprint sensor. UX series with the Upek swipe sensor.

Aspire with a Validity swipe sensor. Electrovaya Scribbler Reder with an Authentec swipe fingerprint sensor is unveiled. You will find below notebooks laptops containing a built-in fingerprint sensorthe vast majority, sorted by company, in order of appearance. Design Nicolas Lehotzky Oct: X with a Symwave fingeprint sensor.

The ML is a rugged notebook containing a square Authentec fingerprint sensor. MX and TX fijgerprint the built-to-order versions. Qualcomm Nov Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon S4 Liquid mobile development platform tablet with an Authentec fingerprint sensor.


Rwader unveils the Tecra A8 with a Upek swipe sensor. TCL releases the T23 with a Upek swipe sensor. The K20 is released. Validity VFS fingerprint sensor. Intel Mar Intel shows the Florence concept notebook with a Upek fingerprint sensor.

The Haier V5 is the same.

Biometrics: consumer products with fingerprint sensors: history

Palm Vein reader Fujitsu Apr: Authentec fingerprint sensor. AX series with the Upek swipe sensor Oct: Which seems the same as the Haier G71, based on fx3 Clevo Dc Update with the PS Feb: For other biometrics, well, there is one PC with an integrated palm vein system.

Z series with the Upek swipe sensor.

Update with the RX2. Portege R 20th anniversary edition. Upek sensor, protected with a slide cover.

Manli Technology unveils the JNB with a? The UX50 is released. GammaTech unveils readfr R13S rugged notebook with a Upek fingerprint sensor. Similar to the P